Tyre Size

Tyre Size and what the Numbers Mean

The most efficient way to find out your car's tyre size is to go outside to the vehicle and check it yourself. The tyre's size will be imprinted clearly on the tyre sidewall. You are looking for 4 sets of numbers, the width of the tyre, the height (profile/aspect ratio) between the top of the wheel and the tyre, the wheel diameter and the load index. Also a letter on the end for the speed rating, H,V,W etc.

We do not use car registration numbers as this will only show the manufacturer’s standard fitment for your vehicle, and it is not always the accurate tyre size that has been fitted, you will still need to check to confirm your tyre size anyway before you make your purchase.

The tyre size is made up of 4 sets of numbers and 1 letter indicating the speed rating.

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205 is the width of the tyre measured in millimetres.

65 is the profile measured as a percentage of the width.65% of 205mm

16 is the wheel diameter measured in inches

95 indicates the load rating of the tyre important for Large cars and 4x4’s

V is the speed rating

What do these letters mean



4X4 Tyre Markings

Fitting tyres with a speed index or load rating code lower to one of the original tyres, or that the manufacture recommends is not allowed, and can invalidate your car insurance. For example fitting a V rated tyre to a vehicle that should have a W rated. However it is acceptable to fit tyres with a higher speed index or load rating. You can put a V rated tyre on a vehicle that should have a H, also fit an extra load tyre to a vehicle fitted with a standard.
When fitting Winter tyres You may fit a speed rating one lower, so if it should have a W rated Summer Tyre you would be permitted to fit a V rated but not a H rated. This is possible because of the sustained speeds in Ice and Snow would be much lower.

Tyre speed ratings and up to (maximum) speeds that the car is capable, not necessarily how fast that you drive.

M 81mph

S 112mph

T 118mph

H 130mph

V 149mph

ZR 149mph

W 168mph

Y 186mph

Engine size.

800cc - 1499cc T rated, 1500cc - 1799cc H rated, 1800cc - 2199cc V rated, 2200cc - 2499cc W/Z rated, 2500cc + Y rated

Load Index Chart